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You want to figure out how to owe the government less and keep more of the wealth you’ve worked so hard to build. And maybe you’re ahead of the curve and have already put some work into making the right tax moves to reduce your IRS obligation. But you’re frustrated by the ever-moving tax law targets which hinder you from achieving that goal.

Making the right moves is a tricky business when the IRS is laser-focused on getting their share of your hard-earned money. The past few years have seen a plethora of tax changes as our economic world continues to evolve. And they are detailed and confusing to most taxpayers.

This doesn’t even account for personal life changes that you also have to pivot for in tax planning. It’s a lot to juggle.

Everywhere we turn, we hear more and more people crying out for expert guidance. Is that why you’ve come here today?

If you’re looking for optimized tax strategy from someone who is professionally (and daily) acquainted with the tax code and knows how to approach it with your best interest in mind, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll take into consideration your situation and the tax implication of every decision to ensure that your wealth is protected and has opportunity to grow.

Let us help you make the right moves to keep you positioned well for future tax years and inevitable changes to your income, the tax code, and the economy.

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Customer Stories

"We have worked with David and his team for the last two years. We started working together right after the Covid pandemic and he had to deal with cleaning up very complicated financials. He has brought clarity, order, and operating structure into our day to day operations. We highly recommend."

- Zoie Coe, owner,

"​David and the Tunstall team have been with our firm for over five years across many stages of growth and economic activity and all throughout this period have steadfastly supported, assisted and serviced beyond our expectations. I highly recommend David's team for their knowledge, insights, attention to detail and overall high quality and value added service. As a CFO I demand quality and David and his team fit this bill."

- Ben Steinberg, CFO,

"The Tunstall Organization has been a lifesaver for Pear Deck as we've scaled our education startup.  Not only do they handle the routine backend accounting for us, but they're also responsive to our ideas and questions. They've been a perfect fit for a startup at our stage and allow us to focus on work of product and customer development."

- Anthony Showalter, CEO, (now

​"With David's help, accounting systems were streamlined, the chart of accounts and balance sheet were re-organized and the organization’s financial reports were improved and brought up to industry standards."

- Sue Devine, Executive Director,

​"I hired David and his team to run our accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation, as well as assist with post-acquisition finance. I was impressed with the firm’s consistent professionalism and dedication to our company’s success."

- Andy Artz, Finance, - (now

"I had a great experience working with The Tunstall Organization. They are very service minded and professional. They understood I needed a lot of help and provided top-notch support throughout the process. I will use them going forward and would happily recommend them to anyone else."

- Wilhelm Hoffman, CEO,

"We have been working with the Tunstall Organization now for many years and they are our trusted accounting and tax service provider. We use them for multiple entities and David and his team have been fantastic to deal with; and very professional and prompt in their responses too. They are an excellent CPA firm that I could not recommend more highly. As a CPA myself, I know what level of service I would expect from an accounting and tax firm; and David and his team are the best I have worked with."

- Amron D'Silva, CFO,

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