This is one of the most bizarre NYC winters I’ve lived through, I think. We had Snowmaggeddon just a few weeks ago and today is 52 degrees and raining/blowing cats & dogs. These are some pics from lunch time:
Aside from being a bit scary, it was somewhat exhilarating. The wind gusts were so powerful and the rain so ridiculous it was really just funny.

It coincides with another tumultuous time, tax season. 1099-Misc.’s have been distributed (for the most part) but now is the time for Corp. returns (due March 15, 2016). We can guarantee a timely filing if your support docs are to us by the end of Feburary, but after that we can’t guarantee.

And the next push after that is LLCs, Partnerships & Individuals on April 18th, 2016 (an extra few days this year). We’ll need that info by the end of March to guarantee a timely filing.

Either way, stay dry, if you can and enjoy the weather.