Swag, swag and more swag. 

I got a bunch of free stuff today that I’ll probably “keep for ten years and then sell it at a garage sale or on Craigslist and say, ‘cool I made some money, I got this for free.'”…or something like that …according to Steven Dubner, the Think Like A Freak dude who spoke at Xerocon today.

What a day! I’d love to take a deep dive into his views on the penny, white turkey meat, and other stuff he talked about but the nugget that I took away from his talk is that, sometimes, when we want people (or possibly ourselves) to “change” to do things that are good for us and others, we have to create paths, designs, technologies that make it seem fun or easy to “change”. That’s funny, subtle, paradoxical and obvious all at the same time. But, ah, such is life. Overall, great day, getting ready for Day 2


Buffalo grazing in Downtown Denver