I am at Xerocon in San Francisco to learn more about what Xero has to offer and to meet some of the folks here and other Xero Partners.  The following are some of the exciting things I’ve seen and heard:

Client Accounting

  • Purchase orders are coming soon.  They will flow into Bills and fully editable.  Quotes are improved and they feed directly into Invoices.

Notes:  this will help retail stores and wholesale become able to utilize basic inventory management within Xero.
Suggestions/questions: ‘Sales’ should be renamed Revenue and ‘Purchases’ should be renamed Expenses. Would also be great if there was a payment button for multiple invoices on statements.


  • Files can now be accessed and attached to Xero invoices, chart of accounts, journals, etc. goes live in Oct. 2013

Note: can email invoices & bills into Xero and drag and drop them to respective xero transactions. 
Suggestions/questions: What is the backend? Drobox? Box? Gdocs?  Either one would be amazing.


  • Much more customization: formulas, columns, tracking, filtering – basically, everything you’d want.
  • Report packs for accountants: makes scaling easier for similar verticals

Note:  This comes live in 2014.  Could have more once I get my hands on it, but seems like this is a solid update.
Suggestions/questions: Would like it sooner but c’est la vie.


  • Seamless accounting and payroll: payroll is embedded, all entries made immediately into P&L and Balance sheet
  • Basic HR function with visual graphic for who’s on, who’s requested time off, when, etc.
  • Direct deposit, efiling, epayment all the good stuff you’d want.
  • Employee dashboard including iphone app
  • Basic Timesheets, although open API to connect with other 3rd party services (out in 2014)

Note: Should be awesome. Pricing is more attractive than Intuit Online Payroll.  Accounting plus 10 employees for payroll is $70/month.  Seems like they are bringing payroll and HR embedded into the program. Expected Nov. 22nd 2013
Suggestions/questions:  Needs to be perfect as it is embedded. Would like a full rollout on efiling for all states, but rolling out Fed & CA first and then to other states after that.

Overall, exciting features to look forward to.