Why even have an accounting system?  

Insight: The foundation of any business is in the “numbers”.  Having accurate and timely figures is how you will get a gauge on what is happening in your business.  

What we measure, we manage; what we manage, we improve.

So, what “numbers” should we be looking at and what about the reality that business is not just numbers…that business is about people?
First of all, the “numbers” of any business are only important if they can give insight into behavior.  At its core level, a good accounting system should monitor both your business’ and your customer’s behavior and the effects each has on your business.
Secondly, a well set-up accounting system will accurately capture the “numbers” you will need to produce the basic reports you’ll need to gauge the financial health of your business: Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Receivables Aging Statement, Payables Aging Statement and Cash Position.

The Tunstall Organization, Inc. is in the business of assisting businesses set up and maintain accounting systems so that you can see what is happening in your business and then focus on the part of your business that drives profits.